• MIT-2019

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My name is Suji Balfe, and I am a third year student at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering. At GAM, I teach art, business english, world politics, physics, and math. I enjoy teaching a wide range of subjects because it challenges me and allows me to meet many different students. Sharing my MIT education while also learning about German culture has been a wonderful experience, and I am thankful to GAM for giving me this opportunity.

My name is Amy Zhang and I am a senior (year 4) at MIT studying brain and cognitive sciences. At Gymnasium am Muhlenberg, I am teaching biology, chemistry, business english, and world politics. I have enjoyed teaching a wide range of subjects because it has given me the chance to meet many different students and discuss a variety of interesting topics with them. Thank you to all the teachers and students here for being incredibly friendly and engaged during lessons. This has been a wonderful opportunity that I have thoroughly enjoyed - not only have I been able to teach but I have learned a lot through this experience as well.

January 15 2019

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